Some recent and not-so-recent publications:

“A Toast” coming soon at Dunes Review

“Listen,” “Transfigured,” “Half-Life,” “Love’s Last Feed,” “Obsessions,” and “Luncheon on the Grass” coming soon at Eunoia Review

“A Short History IV” and “Final Deployment” in Nixes Mate

“Time: A Treatise” coming soon at Cabinet of Heed

“All My Smoky Aunts” and “The Virgin Queen” coming soon at Good Works Review

“Fable,” “How It Will Come,” and “Lifted Up” in Innisfree Poetry Journal

“Dutch Tulip Bubble, 1636-37” in Red Earth Review

“Some Nights” in Heron Tree

“The Dark Pond” in RHINO

“Aerial View of Seattle, August 1963” in Midwest Quarterly

“Sharing an Artichoke” in The Southern Review

“Ascending/Descending,” “Fledgling,” and “Mercy” in Indiana Voice Journal

“Cornfield Math” and “Monarch” in Alabama Literary Review, Vol. 24, No. 1

“Crossing Over,” “In Dad’s Old Negatives,” and “Silo and Barn” in Kentucky Review

“Our Lady of the Midnight Kitchen” and “South of the Border” in Prairie Schooner

“Big Laughing Gymnopilus,” “The Place Where Lost Things Are Found,” “Apostrophe to the Heart,” and five others in Poetry Northwest

“Dear Brother” and “My Mother Would Be a Physicist” in Blue Mesa Review